jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

25 things about facebook

1. farmville- its a stupid game
2. how some people are just addicted
3. relationship status
4. joining groups
5. becoming a fan of something
6. getting millions of notifications
7. that people can know your gossips
8. gossipers who stalk
9. When people click like on their own status
10. drama between people
11. uploading pictures of your private life
12. everyone knows everything through facebook
13. lies can become very big
14. posting videos of songs
15. conversations in pictures
16. random people adding you
17. people adding you and dont even talk to you
18. market place
19. sending gifts
20. sending drinks
21. poking
22. the little sound in facebook chat
23. when your try to send a msg but it cant be sent
24. when friends dont appear online even though they are
25. how much facebook changes

1. having cool pictures
2. status
3. messages
4. the like button
5. good source of communication
6. chat
7. getting tagged
8. being able to untag yourself
9. being able to use facebook through phone
10. finding old friends
11. wall posts
12. uploading cool videos
13. tagging people on videos
14. good source to make fun of someone
15. profile pictures
16. a good source of announcing things
17. good to see upcoming events
18. good reminder for birthdays
19. good to keep in touch with people
20. good for wasting time
21. good to keep pictures
22. meeting new people
23. you can get ahold of people in the other side of the world
24. you get encouraged to meet new girls
25. you can make business through it

lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

air pollution

The Earth has been severely affected by humanity during the last years, air pollution is probably one of the biggest factors affecting the place we live in. The Earth´s atmosphere is being damaged by all the smoke we create due to construction, fire, as well as many other things. Air is our main source for oxygen, and if we dont breath in any oxygen we wont be able to live, so just for a second stop and think what you really want, life or death.

Air pollution is contaminating the oxygen we breathe in, and soon the issue will become even bigger until we end up with no more clean air, which will lead to the death of everyone. Not only humans will die, animals and plants will also have to pay for the consequences. It is very sad how we are destroying our own home, it is something that will never be fixed. Think of your children and your grandchildren, they will be the ones who suffer and pay for all the damages we have caused. If we keep it this way, probably the world will come to an end before we get to 2020.

Millions of constructions made by humans are destroying the Earth. All the dust created by machines is going up to our atmosphere and destroying causing the UV rays to hit the Earth with more intensity. This makes climates change spontaneously, bringing hotter and colder temperatures depending on the season we are in. Cars are also one of the main causes for air pollution, millions of cars are being used every second, letting out chemicals and smoke that really affects the atmosphere. Factories also release smoke, which goes directly to the atmosphere which is being affected by all these different things. Dont you think this is enough for the Earth?

All the fires cause by humans also release a lot of smoke, and guess where it goes? To the atmosphere! So many different things keep adding up, and when we finally decide to take care of the world it will be too late and everything will disappear. There are millions of people aware of these issues, but not enough to make a difference and help the Earth. We need a change now! Every single person on Earth should be informed of the dangers we are facing, posters, tv adds, and other sources should be used to make people aware o the situation we are going through. We are the only ones in charge of making a difference and making the right decision, so are you going to help us? Stop for a minute and think closely of what you really want for the future, make a difference!

I bet most people are aware of the changes in temperature lately, days are really hot and the temperature is having lots of problems. And the only cause is air pollution, we have got to the point where we cant keep on doing the same things as before. Constructions, fires, and many other thing should be prevented because if we dont stop them it will be too late and everything will disappear. Money cant help stop this issue, only we can stop it. Ride your bike instead of driving your brand new car, prevent burning things, stop constructions, stop fabricating products that arent necessary, there are millions of ways in which you can prevent air pollution. We should all help the Earth because if we dont we will all die, as well as plants and animals, this will be the end of the Earth´s history. It is all our fault, and we have to fix it now, so for the last time think about what you really want for the future. Are you in with us?


domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

commercial post

I saw all of the videos and I really liked all of them because each one has a different message that is interesting. All of them had different and original ideas that I thought were interesting. The commercial that stuck out the most in my mind was the safety one because the messag that it gives you is 100% true, if you dont use protection you might ruin your life. Having a kid due to a mistake you did is something that I would never want to experience because it may be very sad. This is the link for the video I mentioned: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-OqKWXirsU

For my video Im planning to use original footage that I take, and some videos from youtube so that I can put them together and make a good commercial. Im also planning to put some music in it so that it makes it be more interesting and everyone likes it. Im expecting to face any challenges because I really want to learn how to make good videos and commercials, It might be somewhat hard to do the video but Im looking forward to it. In conclusion, I hope that this assingment turns out to be very fun and Im expecting to have a good time and learning a lot of things related to creating videos.

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2010

Video Reflection

This assignment was the one ive enjoyed the most. Making videos and editing them is pretty fun because you can create a lot of things and put them together to make a great commercial. Overal I enjoyed all videos, though there were a few that I think could be improved a little. I really liked the Coca Cola, the Dog Shelter, and the So you think you can dance because they were very well edited and put together. The idea for the Coca Cola commercial was very interesting and original, and the So you think you can dance commercial was very funny, they were the ones I enjoyed the most. There was one that was well edited but I think it needed a little more footage, it was the Advertisement project. I think it needed more original footage because it was mostly videos from youtube that were put together, but I also think that is was well edited. If I could re-do my project I would probably add more footage of myself and also add a little more footage from other videos in youtube. Overal I really enjoyed this assignment and I hope we get to do more that have to do with videos.

My Nike Soccer Video

Rudy F. Baby from markpicketts on Vimeo.

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Tragedy and School Lawsuit

After reading this tragedy I realized how many dumb girls are there on the world. First of all she shouldn't be sending pictures of herself naked to anybody, and second of all her boyfriend shouldn't forward it to anyone else as a demonstration of respect. I don't think this is a reason to commit suicide because its not like it is so bad to be seen naked, after all that is how we naturally are. in conclusion, to prevent these problems girls shouldn't be sending pictures of themselves with nudity to anybody.

I believe that the school isn't responsible for any of this, it was the girls fault because she was who sent her picture to her boyfriend. The boyfriend would also be responsible because he forwarded to his friends and other people, but the school had nothing to do with it because its not like the staff was sending the picture to others. Maybe the school didn't make enough actions, but that isn't their responsibility because it was something the girl did outside of school. In conclusion, i believe that the parents shouldn't be accusing anyone else but their daughter.

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009

new security measures

I understand that the new security measures in facebook are for peoples protection and security, because facebook is a media in which people find out personal facts about other people. They were created so that people who want a lot of privacy can have it, as well as security and protection from others. I think that they are good because they help people in avoiding problems in security and in privacy, and I also think that they will be succesful because people who have facebook acounts will now feel safe. I believe that this will effect facebook in a good way because it will have a better reputation, and people will use facebook in a better and more secure way.

I feel that people who post things about other people without the knowing arent doing something good because they can cause misunderstandings with others. The community would probably think that the school is very bad if they saw staff members posting videos or comments of students because they shouldnt be having those types of relationships with each other. The school I believe shouldnt do anything because the postings that have been done didnt have any bad intentions against staff members, it was a joke and I think that the school is able to see this.