jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

25 things about facebook

1. farmville- its a stupid game
2. how some people are just addicted
3. relationship status
4. joining groups
5. becoming a fan of something
6. getting millions of notifications
7. that people can know your gossips
8. gossipers who stalk
9. When people click like on their own status
10. drama between people
11. uploading pictures of your private life
12. everyone knows everything through facebook
13. lies can become very big
14. posting videos of songs
15. conversations in pictures
16. random people adding you
17. people adding you and dont even talk to you
18. market place
19. sending gifts
20. sending drinks
21. poking
22. the little sound in facebook chat
23. when your try to send a msg but it cant be sent
24. when friends dont appear online even though they are
25. how much facebook changes

1. having cool pictures
2. status
3. messages
4. the like button
5. good source of communication
6. chat
7. getting tagged
8. being able to untag yourself
9. being able to use facebook through phone
10. finding old friends
11. wall posts
12. uploading cool videos
13. tagging people on videos
14. good source to make fun of someone
15. profile pictures
16. a good source of announcing things
17. good to see upcoming events
18. good reminder for birthdays
19. good to keep in touch with people
20. good for wasting time
21. good to keep pictures
22. meeting new people
23. you can get ahold of people in the other side of the world
24. you get encouraged to meet new girls
25. you can make business through it

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